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Why Play in a Live Casino?

live casino

The authenticity of the experience is a major reason to play in a live casino. The quality of graphics and the professionalism of the real dealers are also attractive factors. This casino option provides players with unmatched emotions and a sense of security. Real dealers interact with players through the screen, answering questions and providing help. This allows players to have more control over their gameplay.

Authenticity of the experience

The authenticity of the live casino experience is an important factor. Online casinos without live dealers don’t offer a true representation of the casino experience. A live casino, on the other hand, provides players with a more realistic experience and allows them to engage in live chat with real croupiers and dealers. This can make the game-play experience more exciting and give players a greater sense of connection.

The croupiers in the Authentic Gaming studios are highly skilled. It takes a lot of practice to be able to juggle chips in the right way. They are also trained to be able to communicate with players, as opposed to being robotic. Furthermore, Authentic Gaming offers a multi-language interface, with English, Spanish, Swedish, and German. This allows players to understand the rules and controls of the game more easily.

Availability of games

Not all casinos that run live dealer games have extensive game libraries. In fact, the game selection can be as limited as a dozen games. That’s because live casino games are expensive to produce and operate, so they don’t come cheap. While there are exceptions, you should never dismiss a live casino just because it doesn’t offer many games.

High rollers are an important group in any live casino. Since they keep the casino running smoothly, operators strive to accommodate their high rollers. They often offer VIP tables and VIP formats of popular games.


Regulations for live casino games are important to the integrity of the industry and to the safety of players. They ensure that the games are fair and play according to gaming laws, and prevent cheating. Each jurisdiction has different regulations regarding the types of games and minimum bets. For example, the minimum bet for a blackjack table may range from $5 to over a thousand dollars.

Casinos that offer live dealers must comply with various regulations, such as those governing the age of dealers and the use of alcohol. The dealers also need to understand the rules of a variety of table games. Additionally, they must have proper training to help new players understand the rules of the game.

Technology involved

The technology involved in live casinos includes the use of game controller units (GCUs). A GCU is a small box that sits at each live casino table and encodes live video signals. This allows the dealer to interact with players, engage in live chat, and take action when necessary. These units are the heart and brain of live casino games.

Optical camera recognition technology is a crucial part of the live gaming process. This technology translates the movements of the dealer into data and sends it to the player’s computer in real-time. Live dealers can also answer questions via a Live chat feature. In addition to investing in technology, online gaming platforms have invested in people to ensure a smooth gaming experience. They typically employ an IT manager, a pit boss, croupiers, and a cameraman. Cameras are an integral part of the live gaming setup, allowing players to see the dealer and the game table at the same time.